Covid-19 Statement Tummers Food Processing Solutions

Covid-19 lets us work under special circumstances. As a responsible partner and employer, Tummers Food Processing Solutions will do anything to protect everyone -both in- and external- against this virus. We are therefore providing our visitors and staff with protective equipment and we have applied various guidelines to prevent the virus from spreading further.

Internal measures

Our internal measures are largely focussed on the daily state of affairs within our workplace. We have put in place one way path ways throughout our building and have placed signs to remind everyone the measures like not shaking hands and washing hands regularly. In addition, we provide disinfectant and face masks to all our employees, who will meet digitally instead of physically as much as possible. As our mechanics are not able to work from home, they will now work according to a shift schedule. One half of them works from 7.30 am until 4.30 pm and the other half works from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. This way both groups can take their breaks separately, which limits the amount of mutual contact moments.

Staff department

Our staff department not only serves Tummers Food Processing Solutions, but also the other companies within the Tummers Group. Therefore, extra measures apply in the staff building. This part is closed for visitors from other departments and external parties, unless they have been already in contact.

External measures

Tummers are still happy to help customers on site if the local measures permit. To avoid physical contact we help them remotely by means of video conferences, at which we provide detailed instructions. If this is not possible, our employees will still visit site. In this case they will receive a face mask and disinfection to guarantee not only theirs, but also your safety. They will also wear a safety vest with the official Tummers logo, so that you can identify them without getting close.


Our warehouse receives drivers on a daily basis and we also deliver goods to customers. That is why extra measures also apply here, too. This department has a large stock, and just like our staff building does not receive unannounced visits. The entrance to the building is therefore provided with an emergency desk, where visitors must sign in. Barriers prevent physical contact and markings indicate mandatory walking routes. Our logistics department makes every effort to ensure a hygienic product transfer. The employees disinfect their workplace continuously and do not sign any forms physically, and our outside drivers wear a face mask and keep as much distance as possible.


To limit the amount of contact moments, all our meetings will take place digitally as much as possible. If a visit to our company is necessary, we kindly ask visitors to take the same measures into account as we take when we visit. That is why we also provide them with disinfectant, a face mask and recognizable safety vest. Despite the limitations of Covid-19, everyone benefits from the smallest possible impact of this virus. Therefore, let us work together to ensure that we can work in a normal, but above all healthy way, soon!