Over the years, Tummers Food Processing Solutions has built up extensive knowledge of potatoes as a raw material and the best methods for processing them. We combine the latest technologies to produce efficient and reliable process lines. We design, produce and install all our machines ourselves. We also provide professional training for your staff so they are able to not only operate our machine lines without difficulty but are also capable of maintaining them.

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The process step by step:


On arrival the potatoes are pre-sorted. Prior to peeling, they are destoned and washed.

Steam peeling and inspection

After steam peeling, the waste peel is collected and taken away. The potatoes are then washed and inspected before entering the cutting process.


The potatoes are cut into bars of the required length – straight or crinkled – by water-cutting machines or a mechanical cutting system. The fries then pass through a machine for removing the slivers and pieces which are too short.


The fries are blanched. This operation removes excess sugars and tempers the enzymatic process to give the fries a sound structure and a nice, golden-brown colour when prepared.


During the pre-drying process (optional for smaller fries lines) the moisture content of the fries is reduced with hot air to promote a crispy result when fried. The fries are then transported over a distribution conveyor for uniform humidity.

Multizone pre-frying

A controlled oil supply and multizone handling produces fries with precisely the required colour and texture. After pre-frying, the fries are defatted. A batter and pre-frying stage can be incorporated for fries with a special coating and specialty fries products before the normal frying process.

Freezing and packing

After the defatting operation, the golden-coloured fries are frozen. After this they proceed to the packing machine. The IQF tunnel is a combined system for pre-cooling and freezing fries.