Tummers peeling lines for the peeling and after-washing of potatoes and tubers are developed by us so you can be assured of a high-quality end product and minimal skin loss. The peeling process is dependent on the condition of the potatoes and how clean they need to be. Based on your specifications we can provide an optimal combination of peeling, brushing and after-washing machines. We deliver these fully installed and ready for use.

Discover the peeling-line

Machines in the Peeling-line

Screw washer img-description
On request
E²E-Condenser img-description
On request
Steam Peeler img-description
TSP 350 = 8,5 TPH, TSP 800 = 19,5 TPH, TSP 1150 = 28 TPH
Delta Roller Spreader img-description
Most economical spreading machine, No product jamming, Designed to the latest standards of food safety.
De-watering drum img-description
Capacity: 125-800 m3 per hour
Dry-washer/After-washer img-description
Capacity: 5-55 tons per hour
Dry Peel Remover ZZ/ZicZac Brusher img-description
Capacity: 15-60 tons per hour
Dosing Hopper img-description
Transport & Storage
On request
U-Brusher/Horizontal brushing machine img-description
Capacity: 10-15 tons per hour

Minimal skin loss thanks to unique brush technology

We can also integrate our innovative stainless steel peel remover with Zic-Zac brush technology into your peeling line. This will keep your skin loss down to the absolute minimum. The Zic-Zac brush technology was developed by us in-house. It is one of the biggest innovations in peeling technology of the past 40 years.