Key Specifications
10-35 tons per hour
Washing line

Drum polisher

Purpose and Operation

This industrial, stainless steel Tummers machine polishes and cleans potatoes and tubers (e.g. carrots) carefully without damaging them. This is in part thanks to the innovative drum. The speed and the linger period in the drum of the products can all be adjusted depending on the cleaning results desired. The flat brushes in the drum are easily detached and maintained. The Tummers Agro drum polisher is suitable for 24/7 industrial use.

  • Industrial installation for intensive 24/7 use
  • Adjustable polish intensity
  • Damage-free product
  • Suitable for various crops
  • Simple operation
  • Maintenance-friendly


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Alternative for the agricultural industry

The Tummers Agro drum polisher is an economical alternative for agricultural purposes and less intensive use. It is suitable for capacities of 10 to 35 tons per hour.

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