0% emission, minimal loss of energy
New: The E²E-Condenser

The most efficient way to peel potatoes

Steam peeling is the most efficient way to peel potatoes, but its emission also causes lots of noise, a smelly steam cloud and loss of energy. Our newest innovation -the so called ‘E²E-Condenser’- puts an end to the emission of steam peeling and in addition saves costs and energy. The ‘E2E’ therefore stands for ‘emission-to-energy’.


Designed to fix our customers' problems

The E2E-condenser is the first condenser that excludes any emission. As usual, we designed this solution to fix one of our customers’ problems.

“Because the customer whom we designed the E2E-condenser for wanted to expand his production but at the same time wanted to reduce nuisance to the local residents, we are very proud of solving this problem for him.”

Edwin Langbroek, head of sales

Reduced nuisance

Minimal loss

Innovative design

Improved exhaust flow

1-4 years

0% Emission

We developed the E2E-condenser together with the specialists of the Dutch company Solutherm. This innovative machine redirects and condenses the steam peelers’ emission, in order to use the excess energy for purposes which take place later in the process. Because hereby the steam does not escape to the atmosphere, the peeling process does not cause any emission.


Energy Saving

As the condensed steam still has a temperature of about 90 to 95℃, the excess energy of the steam peeler can be perfectly used for other purposes like blanching, the heating of cleaning water or heating the building. The E2E-condenser therefore saves energy and is a sustainable solution to save operational costs.

Compact Footprint

The E2E-condenser is the fourth generation condenser. It distinguishes itself through its compact size, which we achieved by organizing the space within the condenser more efficient: “We saved a lot of space by fitting the square condensation plates in a rectangular housing, instead of the regular cylindrical form”, Edwin Langbroek explains.

High Efficiency

In addition to the development of a compact and energy saving condenser, emphasis was also given to the back pressure of the system. The design of the E2E condenser allows for a lower back-pressure than conventional exhaust systems. Because the exhaust flow hereby improves, the steam pressure can be quickly reduced to ensure an optimum peeling result and a higher efficiency of the peeling process.

Payback Time

The E2E-condenser fits to every steam peeling line. Due to its cost saving design, it offers a typical payback of one to four years. The exact saving of costs in terms of energy depends on different circumstances, such as your peeling line’s running time, the use of the peeler’s excess energy and your original energy consumption.

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