Construction update #1: Workshop's steel construction

The construction works during the first phase of the Tummers new building project are progressing steadily. This first construction update describes which activities have taken place recently and what the planning for the period coming up looks like.

In this update:

Phase: 1;

What: New workshop;

Height: 12 meters;

Length: 70 meters;

Accomodation: 50 m3 rain water reservoir & climate control

Additional information: Office building & sister company

Further to the pouring of the foundations for Tummers’ new workshop in September, in recent weeks the steel construction was built. The skeleton was also provided with an entrance for the corridor, which connects the workshop to the office building that has yet to be renovated. The new workshop will have a height of 12 meters and a length of 70 meters. This building will provide space to all of our production departments, except the metal turning and sawing division. This new workshop will be equipped with a water reservoir of 50 m3 to test our machines and a sustainable climate control system.


As the same time as completing of the walls around the steel construction at the end of 2020, we will also start with the renovation of our office building. The space which came free after the relocation of our warehouse in June will be used for the construction of two new office spaces and the expanding of our engineering department.

Sister company

When our workshop has completely moved to the new building, a partial relocation of our sister company Tummers Plaatbewerking will take place. Among other things, this metal company will take use of the current Food Processing Solutions workspace and use the heat from their laser cutting processes to heat up their company buildings.

Keep checking our building updates regularly to stay updated from all the developments around our new building project!