Construction update #4: Commisioning new workshop

The works in the Tummers construction project are making progress every day! This fourth construction update describes which developments take place at the end of phase 1: the commissioning of our new workshop.

In this construction update:

Phase: 1

What: Commissioning of new workshop & relocation production facilities

Further: Expansion of engineering department

With the transfer of the workshop of Tummers Food Processing Solutions (FPS) to the new building, phase 1 of the Tummers new construction project is coming to an end. With 24 workbenches, the new workshop offers plenty of space for all our mechanics. Because the sustainable climate control system and the extra light source allow them to work in more comfort, they all claim to be very satisfied.


The climate control in the new workshop ensures a constant temperature at the right humidity. At the same time, this system provides ventilation throughout the building by extracting the welding fumes. Because natural light also contributes to the well-being of our staff, across the entire width of the building one wall is fitted with insulating and translucent panels.


The space that became available by the relocation of the workshop of Tummers FPS allowed their sister company Tummers Plaatbewerking to relocate their production departments. This development releases more space for the machine shop of this sheet metal working company, which also benefits their employees!

Phase 2

Simultaneously to the completion of phase 1, the second phase of Tummers’ construction project took off. During this stage, the former warehouse is transformed into a modern and fully equipped engineering space. Thereafter phase 2 will roll out over the office building, of which all areas will be renovated. The building will also be provided with a completely new main entrance, so make sure to stay tuned!