Construction update #5: Renovation of the engineering department

At the end of the first phase of Tummers Food Processing Solutions’ (FPS) new building project, the Expedition and Engineering Departments were transformed into a modern Engineering Department with all the necessary conveniences. After we moved our Research and Development Department to here, space also became free for our new Tummers Support Group.

Our new Engineering Department now features a separate repro room for printing production drawings, as well as a modern meeting room and sit-stand desks. Our employees are fully equipped with this, while the separate meeting room offers everything for a successful collaboration.


Our engineers are responsible for all our technical feats. Because sitting is considered to be the new smoking, we provided them with sit-stand desks. These ergonomically working places stimulate their blood flow and help them to break through a static body position. This reduces the risk of back and neck issues and conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Meeting Room ZicZac

The meeting room that we assigned to our Engineering Department is the first one with a name of one of our iconic machines. This “Meeting room ZicZac” features an interactive smartboard to support our employees at meetings. A touchscreen allows them to easily brainstorm new ideas and to make notes in existing documents. By means of a Microsoft Teams connection the users of this room can also invite their colleagues working from home, so they can think over our new solutions together.

Tummers Support Group

After Tummers’ Research & Development office moved to the renovated Engineering Department, space became free for the Tummers Support Group. With this department, we aim to provide our customers with services to enable them to get the maximum return from their equipment, and to support them at every facet possible. The Tummers Support Group consists of our best technicians and provides all services, from commissioning to maintenance and advice on the right spare parts.

Phase 2

During the second phase of our new building project, we will renovate our office building completely and equip this building with a new main entrance. Keep checking our construction updates to stay updated about all developments!