Tummers Exclusive #1: Fresh Produce Pump

Many of Tummers products are unique to the food processing sector and show exactly what we stand for; enabling our customers to process as safely, quickly and sustainably as possible. The blog series Solution in the spotlight this time tells the story behind the Tummers fresh produce pump, which transports potatoes, fruits and vegetables through cutting lines. 

The Tummers fresh produce pump is the result of our unique collaboration with Pomac, manufacturer of pumps for both the food and non-food industry. This pump was originally designed for our cutting lines, but nowadays it has a place in nearly all of our fresh produce transportation processes. The stainless steel pump housing delivers high performances as well as favourable prices and transports products without causing any damage.                                  

Transport solution

The versatile fresh produce pump moves products through a closed water system. Tummers apply this solution when transportation belts or flume systems are not sufficient, like long distance transport, transport in directions other than horizontal or due to insufficient space. “A closed system with enough pressure actually transports products vertically upwards and also takes up less space”, our sales manager Jos Mous explains.

A closed system with enough pressure actually transports products vertically upwards

Cast stainless steel fan

Throughout the cutting process, water is drawn in by the pump on one side and released under pressure on the other side. “The fully stainless steel version of the housing guarantees a hygienic transport, while the smooth surface of the cast fan prevents the product from being damaged”, Jos explains. “Due to the simple design with direct drive and only one mechanical seal almost nothing can break. Therefore, this pump is also very maintenance friendly.”

‘Challenge us’

Previously Pomac provided Tummers with an improved lobe pump, which transports potato puree to the Drum Dryers. The current fresh produce pump therefore is the result of a successful collaboration, which according to Jos also guarantees a fast delivery response time. The sales manager states that the power of the collaboration with Pomac is found in the combination of two different professions: “Pomac is an expert in the field of pump technology and Tummers know everything about product transportation and food processing solutions. Because our collaboration has led to successes many times before, we invite everyone to challenge us with their pumping and cutting issues!” 

Please contact our sales manager Jos Mous for all of our hydro cutting solutions.

Do not hesitate to challenge us!