Tummers Exclusive #3: Sustainable Fin Aligner

Multiple Tummers products which are unique to the food processing sector, show exactly what we stand for. These solutions enable our customers to process as safely, quickly and sustainably as possible. The blog series "Tummers Exclusives" this time tells the story behind our patented Fin Aligner, which centres potatoes perfectly in order to decrease product loss.

The Tummers Fin Aligner ensures that potatoes enter the cutting block perfectly centred. This development distinguishes itself from comparable products by its innovative design. Developed years ago, this alignment system now has its place in all of our own cutting lines and can also be integrated within any existing line. 

Perfectly aligned potatoes

Before potatoes are processed to -for example- French Fries, they are washed and peeled. Thereafter water pressure transports the potatoes to the alignment system. This innovative tube ensures an optimal length of the end product. In contrast to comparable products, the inner side of it is not hollow or ribbed, but filled up with soft and slanted fins. These fins centre the potatoes in exactly the right direction, so every potato is cut perfectly.

Higher efficiency

The flexible slanted fins within the Fin Aligner prevent potatoes passing through from damage. They also ensure an always perfect length of the end product and thereby slightly less waste during the cutting process. Although a little bit of return per potato may seem little, this makes a very big difference for manufacturers like McDonalds’ suppliers. The cutting lines that we supply to them, in fact easily process up to fifty tons of potatoes per hour.

New coloration

Our patented alignment system is the result of an exclusive collaboration agreement with the American company of Southern Fabrication Works. This company developed the Fin Aligner in 2004 with an FDA-quality mark, after which we introduced the system to the European market.

The FDA approval was sufficient at the time, however due to current and future regulations our clientele was in need of a European quality brand. Therefore we released a new aligner several years ago. It has the required brands which provide a better quality and food safe production.

Did you know that nowadays, our potato alignment system is used by over half of Europe’s French Fry manufacturers? Please visit the product page for more information.