Washing seaweed is a first for Tummers

Tummers Food Processing Solutions recently proved once again that their Destoner / Washer can process the most varied products. The machine building company supplied a Norwegian customer with a KW-700 for seaweed, which has a capacity of 50 tons per hour. Building a washing installation for this application was a first for Tummers!

The use of seaweed as a food source is mainly practiced in Asian countries such as China, Japan and Korea. Most Western countries see this underwater plant as a raw material for other applications. For example, Tummers' Norwegian customer dries the product into a powder which is used as an ingredient for stomach and intestinal medication. The juice that is extracted beforehand also contains ingredients that may be used by the pharmaceutical industry.

Salt resistant

The customer to whom Tummers supplied the KW-700 is located on a Norwegian quay. Although SAE 304 stainless steel is most commonly used in the food industry, the Dutch machine building company has now opted for SAE 316 stainless steel. The high nickel content of this material makes it ideally suited for humid production conditions in a salty environment.


Tummers designed their Destoner / Washer for bulb- and tube-shaped products, but the first test trials on an existing installation quickly showed that the versatile machine also easily processes seaweed. Therefore the company did not have to fit their showpiece with major changes. However the unique situation did require a special configuration.

Because the machine is placed indoors and the added sprayers that clean the washing drum cause a moisty cloud, the drum is shielded. Also a brush in the discharge chute cleans the residue on the outfeed belt so that product does not accumulate. These adjustments together with this special outfeed belt turned out to be right configuration for an optimal washing result.


Tummers Food Processing Solutions have been at the forefront of washing technology for many years. Based on years of experience, the company specially designs their washing installations for excellent cleaning and minimal water consumption. Their innovative Destoner / Washer combines the latest technologies and has been developed for 24/7 industrial use. Please visit this page for more information!