Global market leader in potato flake lines

Tummers Food Processing Solutions is global market leader in potato flake lines.


Our machines may be amazing but our people make the difference

Tummers Food Processing Solutions organises innovative solutions around the world for processing potatoes and tubers from country to customer. We can provide customers with everything they need from A to Z thanks to our extensive range of machines, our wide-ranging service provision, but most of all due to the way in which we work together with you.

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The process innovators.

'We are jointly responsible for safety'

An accident could happen in the blink of an eye, but certainly in a machine building company this could bring major consequences. To build the best machines possible, our employees work with heavy equipment and potentially dangerous tools. Therefore as a responsible employer, it is our duty to offer them a safe workplace.

Construction update #3: New workshop takes shape

The construction works during the first phase of the Tummers new building project are progressing steadily. This third construction update describes which activities have taken place at our new workshop recently and what the planning for the period coming up looks like.

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