Flake line

The flake process

Our turnkey flake lines effortlessly produce vast quantities of potato flakes and starch from mashed potatoes. In this regard, the optimum combination of machines centred around our Drum Dryer will guarantee you the highest level of efficiency. The combination of this set-up and our many years of experience will maximise your capacity whilst minimising your costs.

Step 1: Cleaning, peeling and cutting

The potatoes arrive directly from the field, or from storage bunkers next to the processing line. Following the removal of foreign bodies, the batch is first washed, peeled, brushed and inspected. The potatoes are then cut to the same thickness, which improves the boiling process.

Step 2: Boiling and mashing

Prior to boiling, the potato pieces are pre-boiled and cooled, so that they have the correct structure for a good, stable mash. During blanching, the potato pieces are briefly soaked in hot, non-boiling water, at a temperature dependent on the variety and growing conditions. Once the structure is optimal, a mashing screw mashes the pieces into a light mash. A special pump subsequently transports the mash to the drying roller hygienically and without damage.

Step 3: Drying

To dry the mashed potato, a continuous, thin, and perfectly-spread layer of mash is applied to a heated cylinder. This ensures that the correct quantity of moisture evaporates, after which a new layer of mash is applied. Once the layer is thick enough, a skin or “sheet” of dried potato forms. The roller then breaks this sheet into rough flakes, which are then transported to the packaging process via a pneumatic transport system.

Step 4: Milling and packaging

The pneumatic transport system is a conditioned space, in which a stream of air separates the rough flakes from the heavy matter. Controlled doses of flakes are added to the sieving mill, which processes the large flakes into standard dimensions. The flakes can subsequently be even more finely milled to obtain a higher bulk density. Depending on the desired specification and application of the flakes, these may be passed through an optical sorter or sieve prior to packaging.