Washing line

The washing process

Potato washing is the first step in achieving a perfect end product. Tummers is continuously developing new, sustainable technologies for this purpose. The set-up of your washing process will depend on the pollution of your potatoes and the type of product you are intending to turn them into.

Step 1: Destoning

The Tummers destoner/washer is the result of our many years of experience in the field of potato processing. This combined machine is suitable for 24/7 operation, and guarantees you a perfectly clean final product. We often reduce the burden on this system by removing heavy soiling beforehand. Once the potatoes enter the system, upward water pressure pushes the product to the top. This causes clods and stones to sink to the bottom, where they are removed from the machine by a conveyor belt.

Step 2: Washing

After destoning, the potatoes enter the washing process, where blades push them, together with water, through a spinning drum. The unique shape of the washing drum ensures that the product remains in motion continuously. This causes the potatoes to rub against one another and the drum wall, which scrubs them clean.

Step 3: Separating floating matter

If your product is mixed with floating matter, this must be removed as with other foreign bodies. We offer a number of solutions for this, which remove the floating matter in stages. The potatoes first enter another bath, where they sink to the bottom, after which a specially-developed unit removes most of the floating matter. Finally, a pintle belt removes any green vegetation from the potato batch.

Step 4: Drying

The final stage in the washing line is to dry the potatoes. In this stage, the product is transported over the Tummers roller dryer, which consists of moisture-absorbing felt rollers. These rollers remove the excess water on the surface of the potato, and are squeezed out by pressure rollers on the underside of the roller dryer. This machine is designed in such a way that potatoes can be transported at high speed and dried without incurring any damage.