French fry line

The French fry production process

The right moisture content and a controlled oil input are essential for French fries production. Our complete fries lines therefore combine the right steps for a crispy product straight from the oven. Integrating our advanced cutting system into this process line will ensure that the process always delivers the desired length, whether your end product is straight or curly.

Step 1: Preparation

As potatoes are received, they are sorted and pre-graded to correspond with the type of French fry to be produced. Potatoes then enter the line and pass through the destoner and washing process, before being peeled.

Step 2: Steam peeling & inspecting

After steam peeling, a de-skinner (ZicZac or U-Brusher) removes and collects the peel waste. The potatoes are then washed clean prior to being inspected and transported to the cutting process.

Step 3: Cutting

The cutting process is performed by either a hydro- cutting or mechanical cutting system, depending on your wishes. These machines cut the potato into strips—crinkled or straight, to the desired size, and then pass through equipment that removes slivers and nubbins.

Step 4: Blanching

The potato strips then pass through a blanching system, consisting of two or more screw blanchers. Here the enzymatic process is tempered and the sugar levels reduced, then they go through the SAPP—dipping belt, before being pre-dried.

Step 5: Drying

During the drying process (which is optional for smaller lines), the moisture content is reduced, and the strips are now ready for the frying process, where the final texture and colour is achieved. Before entering the fryer the French fries are transported on the equilibration belt to get an even moisture content.

Step 6: Multi-zone frying

With controlled oil flows together with multizone design and the belt return outside the fryer, our frying system will give you the best tools to achieve the requested texture and colour. After frying the French fries will pass a defatting step. For coated fries and other potato products, a batter and pre-frying step is added before the normal frying system.

Step 7:  Freezing & packing

After the defatting step the golden French Fries will enter the freezer, on their way to the packaging system. The IQF-Tunnel is a combined system pre-cooling and freezing.