About us

Our machines may be amazing but our people make the difference

Tummers Food Processing Solutions organises innovative solutions around the world for processing potatoes and tubers from country to customer. We can do everything from A to Z for you as our customer. Thanks to our extensive range of machines, our wide-ranging service provision, but most of all due to the way in which we work together with you.

The Tummers Group: three businesses, the same DNA

Tummers B.V. started life in 1976 as a machine company and maintenance partner for the potato industry in Zeeland, the Netherlands. Nowadays we are operating worldwide with three companies. As well as Tummers Food Processing Solutions, the Tummers Group comprises Tummers Simon Dryers Technology and Tummers Plaatbewerking. Tummers Simon Dryers Technology is a leading expert in drying technology with its own laboratory in Nottingham, England and in addition to the food industry it also works for the pharmaceutical, chemicals and starch industries. Tummers Plaatbewerking was originally a part of our own mechanical engineering plant but has since become a successful independent undertaking. It can help you with any form of sheet metal working. From laser cutting to welding work and assembly.