Important specifications
Capacitity: 24-60 tonnes per hour
Sorting sizes: Up to 6

Conical Spiral Sorter CSS

The Tummers CSS is the ideal size sorter to distribute the potatoes over the different cutting heads. It ensures that the right size of potatoes go to the right hydro-cutting head or mechanical cutters. The machine is equipped with variable pitch rollers which creates an increasing gap between the rollers and sorts the potatoes from small to large. The pitch between the rollers is adjustable on both sides for optimum and stepless setting of the sorting gaps.

The standard machine is equipped with one dividing gate to create two sizes, small and large.

Optionally the machine can be supplied with extra dividing gates to sort up to 6 different sizes.


  • Steplessly adjustable sorting settings

  • Operating and maintenance friendly

  • No product damage

  • Hygienic

  • High capacity

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