Important specifications
On request, standard 15 and 30 m3

Flake storage bunker

Flakes from the Millsifter can be stored temporarily during the production process in the Tummers stainless steel flake storage bunker so that they do not have to be continuously packed. The bunker has a capacity of 30 m3, providing room for about 6,000 kg of flakes. Assuming a flake line capacity of 550 kg per hour, this amounts to approximately 11 hours of production. The flakes enter the bunker at the top via a feed screw conveyor. The in-feed conveyor ensures that the bunker is completely filled. An out-feed conveyor transports the product out of the bunker again.


  • Hygienic temporary storage

    • Different volumes possible
    • Easy to connect to Tummers packing machines

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