Important specifications
Capacity: 3-7 tonnes per hour

Slice cutter

The Tummers stainless steel slice cutter is perfectly suited to the efficient cutting of potatoes and tubers, even in very large quantities. The system is easy to operate and the slice thickness can be seamlessly adjusted without having to halt production. The slice cutter is centrally driven. Consequently, normal maintenance is limited to lubrication of the bearings and the occasional grinding of the knife.


The potatoes and tubers are fed into the centre of slice cutter drum. They are then pushed against the wall and cut into slices. The potato slices then leave the machine at the bottom.


  • Continuously adjustable disc thickness

  • No ‘down time’ by adjusting disk thickness

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Use of standard drive and bearing components

  • Efficient, user-friendly and safe

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