Tour trough Tummers surprises new chairman of trade association

Trade association

Last week, the new chairman of the Dutch trade association for technology (FME) Theo Henrar visited the Tummers Group. Our management then provided a tour that really amazed our guest: “What a magnificent manufacturing company!”, was his first response.

The new chairman’s visit to our company was part of his introductory tour amongst the members of trade association FME. This organization is committed to strengthening the position of the Dutch technology industries.

FME believes that this sector not only helps to solve issues in energy transition and healthcare, but also contributes to a sustainable food chain. Therefore, a visit to Tummers Food Processing Solution could not miss out on his list.

Sustainable future

Not only our product range, but also our business operations strongly focus on innovation. For example, multiple parking lots are already equipped with electric charging stations and we seperate our waste flows as much as possible.

In addition, we will no longer use natural gas in our new building and our sister company Tummers Plaatbewerking will use the heat from laser cutting processes to heat their buildings. “I was very impressed with everything I heard and saw,” the chairman concluded.