Key Specifications
Most economical spreading machine, No product jamming, Designed to the latest standards of food safety.
Peeling line

Delta Roller Spreader

Purpose and Operation

An even supply of product over the width of a sorting machine improves efficiency and ensures it can run at the highest capacity. The Tummers Delta Roller Spreader has specially been developed for gentle transport to a wider product flow. This machine is commonly used to feed potatoes from the outfeed of a screw conveyor to a wide sorter, but is suitable for a wide variety of food products.

During operation, the Delta Roller Spreader transports, spreads and distributes the product. Objects that are too small fall through the gaps between the rollers and are taken out of the process. The special design of the triangular rollers prevents foreign object from getting jammed and the product will bounce less than on a conventional spreading machine. An optional hopper can be placed under the spreading rollers  to collect the small product particles. 

The Delta Roller Spreader is designed according to the latest standards of Food Safety and is equipped with SKF Foodline bearings.

  • Most economical spreading machine
  • Gentle handling for less damage
  • Foreign objects do not jam
  • Designed to the latest standards of food safety

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