Construction update #3: New workshop takes shape

The construction works during the first phase of the Tummers new building project are progressing steadily. This third construction update describes which activities have taken place at our new workshop recently and what the planning for the period coming up looks like.

Lifting equipment

Tummers’ biggest machines can weigh tens of tons. The new workshop therefore features 4 crane tracks, each with 2 electrically operated overhead cranes. These cranes can individually move weights up to 6,250 kilos across the width of the workshop.

Because the tracks are movable lengthwise, the total system can lift up to 24 tons anywhere. As a result, Tummers no longer have to rent a crane for transport and they can organize their production even more efficiently.

Tummers Technology Center

Natural light contributes to the well-being employees. Therefore, Tummers have fitted one side of their new workshop with insulating, but transparent panels across the width of the building. The other side is connected to the neighbouring building, where the Tummers Technology Center will be located. This laboratory will move from Tummers Simon Dryers Technology in England to Hoogerheide in the Netherlands and will serve as a test facility for products and machines.