Tummers revolutionizing Food and Beverage Operations with ‘’Tummers Connect’’

In an era where technological advancements are reshaping industrial landscapes, the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technology into machinery has emerged as a transformative force, especially within the food and beverage industry. As a leading supplier and builder of specialized machines for this sector, Tummers is at the forefront of exploring innovative solutions to enhance the capabilities of our products. With the development of ‘’Tummers Connect’’ ‘we’re taking the first step towards a new way of machine management!

‘’Tummers Connect’’: the solution to unique challenges!

The food and beverage industry faces unique challenges, including stringent regulatory requirements, high standards for quality and safety, and the need for flexibility in production processes to cater to diverse consumer demands. In response, there is a growing demand for machinery that is not only reliable and efficient but also capable of integrating with complex digital ecosystems. Recognizing this need, we’re currently developing your new all-in-one online dashboard to oversee and manage your equipment: ‘’Tummers Connect’’!

Accessible through a simple QR scan or app login, ‘’Tummers Connect’’ puts the power of machine management at your fingertips. From manuals to spare parts ordering, service history to support and even initial setup options, ‘’Tummers Connect’’ ensures you’re always in control.

In collaboration with Siemens, a trusted leader in process automation, ‘’Tummers Connect’’ combines cutting-edge technology with decades of expertise to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability. Through this initiative, we empower our machines with the ability to communicate effectively with other systems, adapt to changing operational requirements, and optimize their performance autonomously, thereby offering significant benefits to you!

‘’Tummers Connect’’ grows with your needs

All of the above is just the beginning of the future of machine management. Our vision for Tummers Connect extends far beyond its capabilities with release. With future plans for predictive maintenance, process analysis tools, remote support, and more, this platform is designed to grow with your needs.

Experience the future of machine management with Tummers Connect. Get ready to streamline your operations and maximize efficiency like never before. Stay tuned and follow us for the latest developments.

Are you ready for the future?