Global market leader in potato flake lines

Tummers Food Processing Solutions is global market leader in potato flake lines.


Our machines may be amazing but our people make the difference

Tummers Food Processing Solutions organises innovative solutions around the world for processing potatoes and tubers from country to customer. We can provide customers with everything they need from A to Z thanks to our extensive range of machines, our wide-ranging service provision, but most of all due to the way in which we work together with you.

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The process innovators.

INTERPOM great success for Tummers

For Tummers Food Processing Solutions, the 20th edition of INTERPOM was accompanied by many uncertainties. However, as we consider personal customer contact very important, we still decided to join with a smaller team than usual. Just like the rest of the exhibitors, we did not know what to expect beforehand. Eventually the spectators turned out to visit our stand in numbers, so we are full of praise about our participation!

Tummers Exclusive #3: Sustainable Fin Aligner

The Tummers Fin Aligner ensures that potatoes enter the cutting block perfectly centred. This development distinguishes itself from comparable products by its innovative design. Developed years ago, this alignment system now has its place in all of our own cutting lines and can also be integrated within any existing line. 

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