Global market leader in potato flake lines

Tummers Food Processing Solutions is global market leader in potato flake lines.


Our machines may be amazing but our people make the difference

Tummers Food Processing Solutions organises innovative solutions around the world for processing potatoes and tubers from country to customer. We can provide customers with everything they need from A to Z thanks to our extensive range of machines, our wide-ranging service provision, but most of all due to the way in which we work together with you.

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The process innovators.

Washing seaweed is a first for Tummers

Tummers Food Processing Solutions recently proved once again that their Destoner / Washer can process the most varied products. The machine building company supplied a Norwegian customer with a KW-700 for seaweed, which has a capacity of 50 tons per hour. Building a washing installation for this application was a first for Tummers!

Gigantic Tummers washing line exceeds all expectations

The results of a Tummers washing line at a Danish starch factory are right to be called astonishing! Between September and December last year, this process line consisting of four of our biggest washing installations ran 10 hours a day, washing a mind-blowing 700,000 tonnes of potatoes. Also, the expected yield of 130,000 tonnes of starch per season was easily exceeded by an astonishing 174,000 tonnes. A result to be proud of!

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