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Powder mill unit

Explosion protection for the powder mill. High speeds and metal parts in the pulverizing mill could cause explosions. When an explosion occurs, it will leave the factory in a controlled manner. Two dosing valves ensure there is no open connection with the supply of flakes and the discharge of powder.

The air suction pipeline is designed in such a way that it provides resistance to the pressure wave that arises during an explosion. For this purpose, an explosion panel has been installed in the filter unit of the chimney, which will rupture due to the pressure of the explosion, and as a result, the pressure surge is removed via the ventilator chimney. On the rupturing of the explosion panel, a signal will immediately be given, following which the two dosing sluices will immediately come to a stop.

The filter unit provides continuous filtration of the dust from the air, due to which the concentration of dust and air is minimised to the extent possible. The collection hopper and end-piece of the filter cabinet is made of extra thick plate material, and reinforced with ribs in order to absorb the forces that are released during an explosion, and thereby to limit the damage.


  • Complies with ATEX directives.

  • Compact built-in powder mill

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