Important specifications
Capacity = 8,5 - 28 tonnes per hour (depends on kind of potatoes)
Vessel volume = 350 - 1150 Liter

Tummers steam peeler (TSP)

Lower Steam Consumption

The Tummers Steam Peeler (TSP) is especially designed to offer an excellent peeling result with higher batch loads. At a low steam consumption, this machine offers a higher capacity than any other steam peeler available. Due to its the high rotational speed and high-speed exhaust system this machine offers minimal peel losses, comparable to the industry standards. Its intuitive control system also allow you to run at very short peeling times.


Low Maintenance costs

The key components of the peeler have been designed for improved lifetime and extended maintenance intervals. This reduces the maintenance downtime of your peeling line and thereby the overall costs of maintenance. In addition, the compact TSP is designed to fit in the same, or even a smaller footprint than any other peeler. As it is available in right- and left handed execution, this machine will always fit into either a new or existing line.


  • Low steam consumption

  • Optimal peeling result

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Always fits

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