NEW: The Tummers Steam Peeler

Reduced steam consumption & extended maintenance intervals

Improved reliability


“We at Tummers see it as our responsibility to deliver not only a reliable, but also a safe product. Therefore, we equipped our peeler with features that ensure a safe access during maintenance. In addition, we covered all pipes through which steam passes, so that operators and technicians cannot burn themselves.”

Edwin Langbroek, head of sales

Affordable solution Low costs of ownership

Improved safety Several special features

Improved reliability Excellent test results

Reduced steam consumption Up to 20%

Uniform fit Right & left execution

Low maintenance costs Stainless steel parts

Optimized performances State of the art

Optimized Performances

We can supply customers with three different TSP models, which can be expanded to improve the overall performances of their peeling line. Placing the peeler in-line with our highly successful ZicZac Brusher for example, we can provide customers with a state-of-the-art peeling line in various capacities. In addition, we can integrate our revolutionary E2E-condenser which excludes any emission caused by the steam peeling process.