‘We are jointly responsible for safety’

An accident could happen in the blink of an eye, but certainly in a machine building company this could bring major consequences. To build the best machines possible, our employees work with heavy equipment and potentially dangerous tools. Therefore as a responsible employer, it is our duty to offer them a safe workplace.

Toolbox meeting

John not only walks around our workshop weekly, but he also improves safety with toolbox meetings. He thinks these brief information moments are essential for a safe working environment. “Together with one department, in 20 minutes I deal with a specific part of their work”, he explains.

“This could range from working at height to dealing with physical strain. By regularly reminding employees of the guidelines, they remain sharp. This not only helps them to work safely, but also contributes to preventing long-term absenteeism.”

New building

Last June, we have started our new building project. Here, safety will also be of paramount importance in our new workshop. In addition to a greater space to provide a better overview, the entire complex will be equipped with welding extraction and sound-absorbing walls and ceilings. This not only provides our employees with a safer working environment, but also causes less inconvenience to our immediate surroundings.