‘We are jointly responsible for safety’

An accident could happen in the blink of an eye, but can have major consequences. At Tummers we therefore do everything we can to offer all employees a safe workplace. Occupational health and safety coordinator John van Daele is concerned with safety at Tummers, but it’s not just his responsibility. It also depends on the behavior of our employees. Working safely is something you have to do together and certainly very important for a metalworking and mechanical engineering company like Tummers!


At Tummers we’re concerned with safety and environment every day, but on April 28 – World Day for Safety and Health at work – John pays some extra attention to this. ”We’re doing very well at Tummers. The last accident was 3.5 years ago and that means that we’re all more aware of safety. We don’t do things just quickly and without consideration anymore. This clearly doesn’t mean that the temptation to “just do it quickly” is no longer there. I always say: do you see a colleague work unsafely? Epress this to each other so everyones workplace remains safe and responsible”, says John.

Safety rounds

John walks around our workplace every week and identifies all risks. Depending on the situation, he shares the risks with the department manager, management or MT. If necessary, they will draw up an action plan together to eliminate the risks in advance.

As an employer, Tummers is committed to a safe working environment. John says: “Our production facilities are equipped with professional welding extraction and we inspect our tools annually instead of once every four years. Many of our customers on site have strict security measures and we attach great importance to this. For example, we pursue a policy whereby everyone in the workplace wears protection, including visitors. In addition, during the past year we have trained extra emergency response officers (total of 16), so that first aid is always on site quickly.

New building

A lot of renovation work has been done at Tummers in the past year and all eyes are focused on safety there too. All buildings are now equipped with fire alarm and evacuation systems, but nothing has been left to chance in the office environment either.

“Almost all workplaces are equipped with ergonomic sit-stand desks, adjustable monitors and office chairs. In an office environment, other risks lurk, namely that of being exposed to physical stress. We therefore encourage colleagues to keep moving. Do you need to make a phone call? Then walk away from the workplace for a moment. Is it a break? Walk the well-known lap with colleagues instead of taking a break from behind the desk. In short: we do everything we can to create the safest and most pleasant working environment possible for our people,” says John.

Finally, John talks about the new locations that are being set up according to the highest safety standards. “We have placed other racks in the new warehouse. No cuts are made to ensure that everything is as safe as possible logistically. We are also working on a new pickling plant and, thanks to the application of the most modern techniques and measures, work in this area is less damaging to the environment and our people. The workshop has also been improved on all fronts. With a new welding extraction and sound-absorbing walls and ceilings, we have created a safer working environment for our people, but the immediate environment also experiences less inconvenience. Improvements that we are more than proud of!”, says John.