Your product processed the way you want it. Fast, efficient and sustainable.

Tummers will search for the ideal set-up for your process line in consultation with you. Depending on the quality and quantity of your end product, there can be no limit to the possibilities. After all, the process will be fully tailored to your needs. With the utmost precision and ease of operation, our machines will turn your product into clean potatoes, fries, potato slices and even potato flakes.

Sustainability through innovation

Tummers flake lines are famed throughout the world for their innovative character in terms of sustainability (raw material consumption, energy consumption, water consumption) and quality (low failure rate, low maintenance and optimum efficiency).

Turnkey delivery

We can supply everything from A to Z for your flake line at your location. After the commissioning we can also ensure that your employees are trained in the operation and maintenance of the installations by our professionals

Washing line

Potato washing is the first step in achieving a perfect end product. Tummers is continuously developing new, sustainable technologies for this purpose. The set-up of your washing process will depend on the pollution of your potatoes and the type of product you are intending to turn them into.

Peeling line

Perfect potato peeling will provide you with a high-quality end product with minimal peel loss. The steps in the process are determined by the condition of your potatoes, the required end product and your capacity. We will provide the optimum combination of equipment. Optionally we can also convert the emissions back into hot water that can be used for other purposes. This ensures you of a sustainable, emissions-free peeling unit.

Cutting line

Potato cutting for human consumption requires great accuracy, and is an important step in obtaining a perfect final product. To facilitate this, Tummers Food Processing Solutions assembles a high-quality cutting process based on your requirements, with a series of innovative cutting technologies.

Flake line

Our turnkey flake lines effortlessly produce vast quantities of potato flakes and starch from mashed potatoes. In this regard, the optimum combination of machines centred around our Drum Dryer will guarantee you the highest level of efficiency. The combination of this set-up and our many years of experience will maximise your capacity whilst minimising your costs.

French fry line

The right moisture content and a controlled oil input are essential for French fries production. Our complete fries lines therefore combine the right steps for a crispy product straight from the oven. Integrating our advanced cutting system into this process line will ensure that the process always delivers the desired length, whether your end product is straight or curly.