Important specifications
Recovered water from E²E FlowCondenser is at least 90ºC

New: E²E SteamClosure

Emission-free drying

When drying potatoes into flakes, a large part of the moisture in the mashed potatoes has to evaporate. This steam is blown outwards, resulting in energy loss, odor nuisance and horizon pollution. But that is now in the past. By placing the hermetically sealed E2E SteamClosure over the drum dryers, the released vapor is collected and led to the E2E FlowCondenser. There it is converted into water that can be reused for other purposes. This sustainable solution renders the production of flakes completely free of steam and odour emissions, which is a genuine breakthrough!’

Benefits for the production process

The patented E2E SteamClosure keeps the temperature around the drum dryers the same, resulting in a more controllable production process and a stable quality of the end product. The transparent and pure steam provides a clean and clear view of the process. In addition, bacteria do not stand a chance and both the drums and the E2E SteamClosure remain cleaner, which significantly speeds up the cleaning process.

Sustainable and cost effective

With conventional vapor extraction, large quantities of conditioned clean air must be brought into the production area. With the application of the E2E SteamClosure this is no longer necessary. The collected steam is converted by the E2E-FlowCondenser into water with a temperature of at least 90°C. This water can be used, for example, in the blancher or elsewhere in the process. In this way, the drum dryer provides considerable cost savings and is a major step forward in sustainable drying.


  • Steam and odour emission free

  • Sustainable and cost effective

  • Hygienic

  • Clear view of drying process

  • More stable production process

  • Short payback time

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