Reduced steam consumption & extended maintenance intervals
New: The Tummers Steam Peeler


Excellent results at low costs

The Tummers Steam Peeler (TSP) offers excellent peeling results at lower costs of ownership than any other peeler available. Its peel loss is comparable with the result of any other peeler on the market, but at lower operational costs and a lower steam consumption. In addition, the key components of this machine guarantee extended maintenance intervals.


Affordable Solution

The TSP’s design is based on many years of experience in the field of steam peeling. After many customer requests for an affordable and reliable peeling solution, we decided to expand our portfolio with our own peeler. Now we can provide our customers with a steam peeler that offers the same results as comparable machines on the market, but at lower costs of ownership.

Improved reliability

“Steam peelers have always been self-abusive machines due to the aggressive process that takes place. We have taken great care in designing a machine that is capable of withstanding these harsh conditions. Our extensive reliability test program has shown excellent results with long lifetime of critical components and a low steam consumption. As a result, the TSP offers the lowest running costs in the market.”

Edwin Langbroek, head of sales

Low costs of ownership

Excellent test results

Reduced steam
Up to 20%

Right & left execution

Low maintenance
Stainless steel parts

State of the art

Reduced Steam Consumption

The Tummers Steam Peeler is especially designed to offer an excellent peeling result with high batch loads. The vessel is designed for pressures up to 20 Barg. Its high rotational speed and the high-speed exhaust system offer minimal peel losses, which are comparable to the industry standard. All of these improvements ensure the TSP’s steam consumption is up to 20% lower than the consumption of comparable machines on the market.


Uniform Fit

The Tummers Steam Peeler fits into any steam peeling line. Due to its compact design, the peeler itself will fit in the same or even a smaller footprint than any other peeler. In addition, the height of this machine is lower than the height of comparable peelers. As the TSP is available in both right and left handed execution, there will always be a way to fit this machine in either a new or existing peeling line.

Low Maintenance Costs

In addition to the affordable cost price and efficient steam consumption, the peeler’s key components have been designed for improved lifetime. For example, all door components are made of stainless steel to ensure extended maintenance intervals. This reduces the overall maintenance downtime of your peeling line and thereby the overall costs of maintenance. As a result, the TSP offers lower total costs of ownership than any other peeler available.

Optimized Performances

We can supply customers with three different TSP models, which can be expanded to improve the overall performances of their peeling line. Placing the peeler in-line with our highly successful ZicZac Brusher for example, we can provide customers with a state-of-the-art peeling line in various capacities. In addition, we can integrate our revolutionary E2E-condenser which excludes any emission caused by the steam peeling process.

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